Friday, 16 July 2010

A week filled with favourites

I sit here listening to the back ground buzz of playhouse Disney with one baby zonked out on my chest and the other quietly chilling under a blanket next to me their Daddy out in the garage doing daddy stuff and I breathe a big deep sigh of relief and pleasure. Another busy week has passed and I have got through it without dropping any of those balls we Mum's spend our lives juggling.

Some not so favourite bits of the week just passed are the early mornings that come with a teething baby and the muck that inevitably finds it ways onto my floors with showery days combined with school shoes, work boots and grass stained paws. The inability to get the mountain of washing done and on the line with intermittent downpours, although there is an upside to that and it is that I haven't had to worry about watering the flower pots and strawberries and the grass is looking a little greener. The baby is instantly forgiven when surprising his Daddy he pulls himself up onto his knees for the first time in pursuit of breakfast.

All the rest is quickly forgotten or put into perspective when thinking of the sunny weekend off, just spent with family and no time frames, practising for that long anticipated holiday that is so close I can taste the salty sea air......feeling relaxed......

The rest of the weeks favourites:

Afternoon tea parties at drama club, where I can take advantage of Molly being stimulated for an hour and sneak a quick shop in only to return and find her being as polite as she possibly can whilst still cramming as many biscuits and chocolate into and around her chops.

Then the real life drama of a visit from the tooth fairy.

Morning catch ups and mooching round mammoth furniture shops resisting the call of the cafeteria and instead opting for tea and biscuits and more gossip at home.

Days crammed with sports day at school, running races, slowing down to smile for the camera and losing 3rd place. Determined swipes at the ball with the plastic hockey stick, miss one, miss two miss three SCOREEEEEEEEEEEE GO MOLLY. xx

Then dashing across town to catch the last bit of a meeting with some new friends to swap promises of support, understanding and make dates to have coffee next weekx

Choosing not to mop the floors as it's raining and they won't stay clean for long anyway but instead enjoying a snuggle with my littlest star in the middle of my big bed and sharing a scrumptious morning snooze to the gentle background music of cbeebies.

Walks to the park even if they are pretty much guaranteed to be cut short by little peoples emergency needs of the toilet and dog's insisting they want to drop the Frisbee at least 5 meters away then laying down and looking from it to me as if to say "go on then, you get it!"

Appreciating husbands that can fix stuff! :-)

Wonderfully positive therapy sessions where Max continues to amaze and achieve.

Being fed by my Mum.

Unplanned visits from family on a Friday night and the spur of the moment decision to share sausage and chipsx

Now I find myself making a luscious dent in the sofa with my backside my babies now tucked up safely in bed, having poured myself ( in my Large worlds best 30 year old glass) my favourite wine, reflecting on the relief of finding the courage to start this blog and hearing some of the noise in my mind quieten as it flows onto the screen. Letting the heartwarming positivity that has flooded to me from those that have read it and the undeserved praise en power me to ramble on with more. In utter fear that I won't but un-resounding hope that I will live up to what has been said and do not disappoint anyone that has faith in me. xx

Cheers xxxx

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ellie said...

Cheers indeed! bloody hell, tried to post this comment 3 times now, hope this one is successful ha ha!
Absolutely loving the blog, sounds like you've had a good week. Great to see you this eve, Molly's gap is the best!
Was really, really touched earlier by what you said, and meant what I said all those months ago from the bottom of my heart, I feel blessed x x x x