Saturday, 31 July 2010

Poison and Antidote

The expression 'blood boiling' holds new meaning for me this week. I felt like I was going to explode like a volcano, spewing bile and hot lava everywhere. I didn't though, life finally having taught me patience and a little control I suppose.

I've discovered that anger like this is like a poison spreading to all aspects of your life it effects your mood and how you perceive all sorts of things. Tainting things that should taste sweet with bitterness. One moment you are content with your lot in life breathing deeply and easily and the next one act can create turmoil and confusion in your mind! If you allow it too! I am however extremely lucky to have a life filled with the perfect antidote to this poison.

Love and Laughter.

A Tuesday afternoon visit to the lake and park with family, where ducks are fed and little girls search for treasure upon their pirate ships.

And little boys all dressed ready for their first live football match pull some extreme swing stunts with expressions that make hearts sing and laugh.

Little girls can strut!

West Ham our family team visit our local squad for a pre-season friendly, away end tickets are arranged and our littles are wrapped up like teddies and get to experience their first live football match....... C'MON YOU IRONSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Creating memories.

Clearly our babies are lucky charms 2-0 fantastic. Daddy was chuffed to say the least!!!

Picnics with friends at the lake, while kids get grubby collecting (bark) treasure. Mum's catch up and wipe bird mess off each other's bums of course "trying not let it wobble". Ohhhh time with friends always lifts me even when I'm not low. I always float home.

Visits from school friends that are not allowed to be spoiled by the weather. " the best picnic EVER" moved indoors. I would never have imagined 3 six year old girls could consume sooooooo much fruit sandwiches, cakes, crisps and sweets!! but they did!!

Meanwhile the bond between boy and dog grows ever stronger!

The weekend concluding with a bumcow sleepover (my word those girls create a stink in their sleep) and our pooch making us proud and winning a rosette at a local show. Well done Woody Dog we moan a lot but we love you xxxxxxx He would have won more but the girls were judges of the waggiest tail and that wouldn't have been fair :-)

Although the anger is still there it is cooled I have too much to enjoy to waste time bubbling!! I am just going to soak up as much antidote as I can and count my lucky stars for it xxxxx

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