Thursday, 23 December 2010


I have neglected this blog and for that I'm sorry,  it's been at the bottom of a very long to do list that combined with illness and tiredness it just fell off the radar for a bit.  It never left my thoughts though and sometimes that was like an added pressure.  I had to remind myself why I started it in the first place and that was to record a piece of me for sometime in the future lest I forget who I am today.  For me to vent and I have found that sorting my thoughts and feelings into words and putting them on the screen has helped quiet my mind in more hectic and stressful times.  So if I disappear for a while and there are gaps between posts please don't think I have abandoned my self council, I need this it is mostly a source of comfort there are just times where life gets that bit too busy for added pressures.

The weeks that have passed since my last post have been filled with Wham tributes and dancing like I hadn't in forever to celebrate a friends 30th.

Cuddles with her Beautiful Son who makes me smile every time I think of him.

Poorly Baby girl so disappointed to have to miss school and cookery club, Daddy however making it up to her with the creation of 'the worlds best chocolate rice crispies cakes' (Official title haha) Licking the bowl even Max having a little scoop of the spoon.


Max and Molly's relationship growing he even climbing up at her on the sofa and crying for her attention after a little bump.

A long awaited addition to the household!! 10 years I've been waiting and finally it has happened. I HAVE  A DISHWASHER and I was as excited when that was being plumbed in as I was a 10 year old girl with her first computer.

Snow and then more snow and all the trials as well as fun that it brings.  Preparing for the coming festivities struggling with the Christmas spirit but finding pockets of it here and there in putting up the tree and attending amazing school productions where my little angel was a star and then there was a drama performance too which was punctuated my little brother's and cousins shouting from the stands to the point that Moo had to say "shhhhhh Harry" from the middle of the stage.

The biggest thing that's happened is our sharing of the news that we are expecting our third baby in the early summer.  Excepting family and friends congratulations and revelling in their excitement for us.  I will be posting about this separately there are weeks of thoughts and feelings to share that I was unable to at the time because of our decision to wait to tell until we had successfully made it through the 1st trimester.

If I'm truly honest with myself although this pregnancy was planned given my history I wasn't expecting it to go so well so quickly.  The nerves are now kicking in and I find myself asking questions like "how am I going to manage to meet the needs of two such young children with out falling short for the big one?" Have I been selfish as it was me not quite ready to draw a line under the baby phase of our family?"
Still in my heart of hearts  knowing this is right for all of us and as hard work and tiring as I'm certain it will be I'm even more sure of how magical our lives will be with another soul to Love and be loved xX