Sunday, 7 November 2010


I'm going to keep this post short as I do not feel it will be too sweet.  It has been a tough couple of weeks, tiredness, sickness and a little sadness seeming to come all at once.

A quiet half term rounded off with the whole family hit by a vicious bug.  Max being the first to suffer followed a day or so later by me then Shortly after Molly who was so bitterly disappointed that she is no longer in the running for the 100% attendance certificate at school as she had to miss the first two days of half term, finally as we're all beginning to recover Simon.  No need to go into details but it left us all drained and a little miserable.  Thank goodness for my Mum braving the germs to come and help me care for the babies while Simon was at work.

Then there was the sadness.  The loss of my mum's much loved 16 year old Yorkshire Terrier affected us all.  He was originally my pet, bequeathed to me by my adored Grandad, but as I grew and left home he remained my mum's faithful (if a little eccentric) companion.  Loss is always hard and for my family a pet is no different, they are as much a part of the family and the home as anything or anyone.  A constant leaving a gaping hole behind them. 

In all this though as usual in my blessed life there have undoubtedly been pocket fulls of pleasure.
Luckily recovered and bug free in time for Firework night, opening our home to family and friends and braving the drizzle to all walk together to a local display.  Both my babies entranced by the sparkling lights and neither bothered by the crackerbangs.

Then back home and feeling one of those absolutely contented moments as it is filled with people we care about, filling their boots with warming food I'd prepared and every one lending a hand in the sorting ,dishing and clearing up.

Not to mention of course that novelty of WEEKENDS, nope still not worn off :-)  Molly's room was the victim this weekend the three of us (well two of us and a little hindrance) attacking the clutter with a ruthlessness which has resulted in the room being the cleanest and tidiest that is ever has.  Well "father Christmas needs to see there is room for any new stuff doesn't he?" that's the line we used and was relatively successful.

I hope there will not be such a gap between this and my next post but I can never be sure,  and I hope more that it will be a predominately more cheerful share but again we'll see.

Welcome to November xx