Thursday, 15 July 2010

To The Moon and Back

I thought it was about time I just wrote a small note to try and shed a little light of understanding on the title of this blog.

Any mummys reading or maybe some daddy's too will probably come across if they haven't already "The Little Nutbrown Hare" Either in illustrations on hospital or Doctors waiting rooms or in the stories themselves.

Well my first introduction was the story "Guess How Much I Love you" which was one of Molly-Moo's early favourites. I say early favourites as there are now too many to mention and they change weekly if not daily, so to say that any one individual story was an absolute favourite would be an untruth. Any way it was certainly requested bedtime after bedtime and anytime in between actually and I can't say I minded as for those who are not familiar it is the beautiful story of a bedtime game between the Little Nutbrown Hare and his Mummy, where one asks "guess how much I love you?" and the little one spends the next little while getting ready for bed and guessing "to the end of the field" to that bush over there?" and it goes on, with out a correct guess until the little one is nearly falling asleep and mummy whispers "to the moon and back" Molly and I still play this game now and again and I love it as it is a youngling seeking the reassurance of a mummy's love and needing that tangible measurement for it.

Then there is "THAT" poem Which I suppose once gave me comfort in a time when I was afraid of this big unknown path we were heading down, when all I had were stereotypes and misconceptions to draw on, but now it just makes me dig my stubborn heels in and scream "WHO SAYS"

Please don't misunderstand I do understand what the author is trying to say with this analogy ans 'Holland' is beautiful and if that is where either Max or Molly want to take me then Woooo Hoooo show me the clogs, but I resent anyone saying Max can't take me to Italy or anywhere else for that matter, in fact we've already been (metaphorically speaking of course). I refuse to accept any limitations on him!

Yes we have to be realistic and understand somethings wont necessarily come as easily to him but couldn't that be said of anyone?

Who says it won't be Max flying us into Milan weekly and Molly that settles for the slower pace of tulips and windmills? What I mean to say is EITHER of my children CAN and I have no doubt WILL take me.



sybloke said...

love you xxxxx

rosmcfadden said...

I completely agree. Limitations of achievement are often perceptions from a negative stand point. I know your two children can and will achieve, due to the positivity they are surrounded by, from your nurturing. To achieve is not to place limits but to allow! You're an inspiration.