Tuesday, 20 July 2010


We all have tough days, those days that start all wrong running late in the morning only for the car to choose not to start, then you get to school and find you forgot to put the buggy in the boot and have to now carry that stone of wiggling energy at half a run in order to catch the playground door and avoid having to sign in late.

To arrive home and find the dog has decided to empty cupboards and have a ton of fun with the oven gloves and carrier bags all over the kitchen. Then forgetting to move the bowl of cereal out of the reach of the baby when nipping to the front door for the post! One word WEETABIX!!

The dog to then to decide that this particular morning it'll be fun to dig in the garden and drag his smelly love blanket through the house which had just had a mad couple of hours spent on it sweeping, dusting, hoovering and mopping!!

Cutting it fine leaving to pick Molly up from school only to have the baby dirty his nappy just as we really must be going out the front door.

Spending an age in tesco's deliberating what sauce to buy, rushing home in the 20 mins left before drama finishes to put the chicken in the oven so it''ll be cooked in time for Molly to get to bed only to realise that I left the Sauce on the self checkout till!! Plain chicken it is, maybe I'll mix it up with a bit of gravy ;-)

Nothing here out of the ordinary and nine days out of ten all this would be like water off a ducks back taken in my stride as part and parcel of a busy family life, however I don't think there is any shame in admitting that whether due to hormones, tiredness or a combination of both some days it's just hard, where every task is an obstacle between me and bed. Where my mood permeates and surely creates further annoyances like the washing up refusing to co-operate and stack on the drainer with out tumbling off again and again, when if I would simply be in less of a hurry and dry some up first there would be no frustration.

Then Max looks at me like this.

Or Molly asks "can I help Mummy?"

and I remember how fabulously lucky I am. How with all the things we could be having to worry about the fact that I forgot washing up liquid in the shops is not a big deal!

I think of my friend who just found out her little girl is going to need surgery to correct bad hips and how stressful a time that is going to be for her to deal with whilst still meeting the needs of three other angels and their Daddy! But having confidence that she will do it with utter style and grace and make it seem effortless (Although I'm sure it's not) as she always does being the absolute natural Mummy that she is. x

Or our friends who after losing all material things in a house fire are having to spend their days chasing insurance companies and builders relying on other people in order to be able to re build a home for their children. Doing this all with humour and style and still finding time to just have a cuppa with a friend having a 'tough day`

I climb in to bed on these days after soaking away some woes and gaining perspective on the rest knowing that bad day's don't exist in my world as long as I can remember what is important and that tomorrow is after all another day and look what greets me in the mornings xx

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