Monday, 20 September 2010

Ticking Boxes

It can some times feel like I spend my life making lists, of tasks to be done, things to get, people to see, today tomorrow, this week, next week, before the end of the month year by Christmas etc etc.  The gratifying thing about this is however ticking off those tasks.  Little satisfying things like getting the mountain of washing put away, clearing the house of dog fur (if only for a second lol).  Putting reasonably balanced meals on the table to fuel the family energy.  Keeping up with friends.

Then come the ongoing things which repeat on those lists again and again.  Filling Molly's time with stimulating fun stuff.  Like securing her a place in the after school cookery club, she is so excited and when drama was cancelled at the last minute instead of sitting at home in her room or in front of the telly spending the time with her best friend at the park sword fighting with sticks, picking flowers for mum's, throwing frisbees for the dog, dropping to her bottom from the height of the monkey bars.

There have been a number of boxes ticked this week, some day to day like the ones mentioned above, others milestones, like our nephews second birthday spent in September sunshine surrounded by friends and extended family listening to Toy Story toys repeat the same phrases again and again.  My brother in law showing all what kind of a true Dad he is by dressing up as his Son's favourite character.

Then now that they are securely deposited back home, getting back into routine and enjoying a bumcow Brunch on the boys day off with the big littles at school.
It's a good job I didn't manage to capture Dave in this shot as he was really being quite rude ;-o

Mmmmm Breakfasssssssssssssssssssst
I really think I am a larger person trapped in a slim persons body.......

The next day sharing a mooch and some lunch out, helping to find brick a brack to feather the nest.  Max and Archi-Bum sharing a ride in a double trolley, although to be fair I don't think they will be in a hurry to do that again as if it wasn't Max trying to remove Archi's dummy or ear then it was Archi wanting whatever Max was holding. Or Max trying to comfort Archi in his crying with what I'm sure he thought were gentle Ahhhhhhh tap taps on his back, however having been on the receiving end of a number of these hugs I'm certain that to Archi they felt more like wallop wallops. 

There was also reassurance that I had made the right decision in moving Moo up a level in her swimming as on her first lesson after the holidays she already has made a huge leap or should I say splash ahead.  TICK

Another milestone ticked off with our little Max in a Million...  He is no longer stationary!!!!!! The boy can commando crawl at the speed of lightening.  He had been moving forwards on his front for a week or two but it seemed he wasn't quite sure how he was doing it.  Not any more, Max and Molly were in the living room enjoying some quiet telly time well Molly was trying to and max was on the rug surrounded by noisy toys, their Dad and I were at the dining room table sharing the days events when we noticed it had gone a little quiet.......... Look who greeted us at the door...
At the sight of us promptly sitting up and looking at me as if to say "well come and get me then I've come this far"
The boy just keeps astounding us and I don't think it'll be long before he is pulling himself up to  investigate.

The two most significant Boxes to get big ticks this week, were.... A hugely successful hearing test for Max.  The congestion of the last having cleared and him co-operating beautifully so the lady could get a really good picture of his hearing which uncovered NO HEARING LOSS and nothing needing monitoring.  I don't think I admitted to myself how concerned I was after the not quite so positive results of 3 months ago, so I think I'll use a huge luminous marker to check that box off. :-)

Then there was the Sunday of all Sundays.  A nice reasonable lay in, followed by my beautiful little girl lending a hand with the washing up and preparation of breakfast.
Then time spent as promised just the two of us, me and my girl.  If only a trip riding up front with me to the petrol station for the weeks supply of fuel and milk. TICK (for now)

Finishing up the day with a family walk (including the hairy four legged member of our family) The first big trek with no buggy, Max riding high on my back following the river through fields full of cows, sheep and all that they leave behind.  The dog  overstretching and finding himself in the river at a difficult spot , Simon nearly joining him as he lent a  helping hand to find his way out.  Still getting a soaking when Woody shook his 'thanks'
We are so lucky to have such wonderful countryside so close to our doorsteps.

So here I am having begun another week, another list and I find myself looking forward to ticking more boxes. xx


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