Thursday, 9 September 2010

Fluff and Stuff

My last couple of posts have been a bit deep and introspective, not so positive and that isn't a true reflection of the last couple of weeks.  There have been some 'big' moments but there have also been plenty of fluff and stuff.

Sometimes when I think of the future it can be a little dark and scary but all it takes is a spur of the moment decision to lunch at the McIntyre coffee shop with Simon and the babies to shine a bright brilliant light and remind me of my promise to myself to live and enjoy the now.  Starting with the best tasting egg and bacon sandwich with just the right amount of crisps on the side, and seeing Molly helping our waitress find what she wanted to order on her form with out any hesitation and in turn Sarah (our waitress) bringing out a selection of straws for Molly to choose from and thoroughly spoiling them both with what ever she could find be it special stickers or just letting Max play with a menu. They are just wonderful and Simon could not leave without taking a baked on site donut for later.

Then came a Saturday night spent with family,  a wonderful snuggle with my nephew as he chose to drink his milk on my lap.  His quiet response to my whispered "I love you Harry" a simple "yeahhhhhhhhhhhh" :-)).  Simon arriving late after his evening being a superstar DJ, nervously approaching his Aunt to kiss hello knowing the the slap was coming too but still surprised by it.  Gently greeting his Nan, then hunting down Molly and checking on the sleeping Max with a glance over the pram.  Oh my chuckle muscle got a work out that night, watching Aunts dancing and squabbling over the next track teasing Simon and almost jumping on him to drag him to dance.

There were feelings of relief for my Mum that she finally has her new knee and that her road to recovery is well under way overriding the guilt I feel in not being able to do enough to support her.

The sun coming out to help warm the backs of those who's hearts were already warm watching friends making their promise to love unconditionally forever as they wed.  Every part of the afternoon was beautiful,from the bride and the ceremony to the kids running around investigating the gardens finding little nooks to tuck away in, adults laughing taking photo's.

Dancing at a wedding, nothing beats it!

Molly, her excitement at returning to school, how grown up she is.  The rain timed perfectly as usual, heavens opening at 3pm on the dot, ready to soak the waiting parents.  Molly the very last out having returned for a forgotten lunch box.  The non-stop chatter as her friend came home as usual for a Monday (they both go to drama together) So comfortable with each other, rolling eyes when the other says something silly but with genuine affection.  Absolute proof of her thriving not only in her learning but socially was when asked what she'd done on her first day as usual the response "I can't remember" so I asked how she knew she'd had a good day " because my brain is warm and that means I'm happy".  What a wonderful answer what more could I ask for?

Max's mohawk, it naturally seems to want to sit that way so why fight it?  I gave in this week and tried out a little spray and hold  :-o He is such a little dude.

He has now mastered the sitting from laying, he seems to throw himself down just so he can sit up again.  He has greeted me the last few mornings sitting bolt upright in his cot, obviously having had a bundle with his soft toys still in his grow bag.  He just keeps leaping forward reaching milestones and astounding us with his achievements.  Oh and look at his new camera smile, we can't seem to get any other expression now as he pulls this face as soon as he sees the camera.

Being able to be there for friends as they take huge steps at the beginning of their fresh start, if all I can do is make it a clean one free of builders dust and grime then my word I will.......

Now I'm looking forward to celebrating a certain little Haribo's 2 nd birthday.  Blimey do I love that boy!  My heart sings every time he shouts "ICKY" and now he's even signing Hello and More just to support us and his little cousin.  What a clever boy xxxxxxxxx

OOoooh how could I forget?  The new bed....... WOW what a difference.  We returned from holiday having slept on an air mattress for two weeks and only suffering slight niggles here and there which you would expect of someone who has post natal and SPD lower back and joint issues and her husband who has a recovering perforated disc!!! Well a night and a half in our own bed and I was aching like I've only known in the full heat of late pregnancy and SPD and Simon looked like that disc was about to spill out again.  So we pumped him with anti-inflammatory and went back to the air mattress only on the floor in our bedroom not the mole hilled ground of North Devon....... It was like a miracle cure!  So next chance we had we were off to the retail park and shopped and bartered until we had secured us the gorgeous bedstead I'd always wanted and the God of all mattress's.  Tonight is the 5th night and I don't think we have used our front room this week!  On that note I'm off to bed now Night Night xxxxxlol

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