Friday, 3 September 2010

My Girl

I need to spend some time just me and my girl, I feel like all I do at the moment is berate her.  I love her more then life and miss her every second I'm not with her but then almost as soon as she's there I'm irritated again, bless her.  She is so loving so clever so energetic but I'm finding her such hard work at the moment.

I'm confident that it's a phase all this stropping when things don't go her way, forgetting manners, being greedy and maybe my patience is stretched due to such alot going on recently and six weeks of no school.

I also think that a little bit of the green eyed monster is making an appearance a year on ?  Her little brother is a person in his own right now, making his presence known in more ways then just the cute baby cry of last summer.  He's sitting with us at the table for meals now,  dinner as a four and not a three with the baby sleeping in the corner, pulling hair at every opportunity, little toys no-longer allowed downstairs 'because 'Max might get them'.

She loves him oh there's no doubt there but........five and half years with Mum and Dad to your self is a long time, now the novelty has worn off no wonder her nose is out of joint a little, even if she doesn't realise it.
Also the idea of a brother is great, ready made side kick..... But the reality is the age gap means she's still on her own at parties, , holidays, trips to the park, everyone else's brothers are there sticking together getting involved and she's still there on her own Max too little yet.

Maybe I'm reading too much into things, after all she's only six, isn't she entitled to be a little brat bag now and again? ;-) Bottom line is I miss laughing with my girl and I need to find something to do just the two of us to have some fun no nagging.

Things about Six year old Molly I want to remember

The way she tells me off for referring to her as little 'I'm not little anymore mummmm I'm middle sized'

Her continued love of Scooby Doo.

The way she looks forward to the return to school.

Her Passion for reading and the way she always has at least three books on the go.

Her changing awareness and the way she no longer takes everything we say as absolute any more she needs more convincing of magic (don't worry we're still able to help her believe)

Her imagination and ability to find magic and mystery on a simple dog walk, a fairy hunt or leaf crumble.

Her developing sense of self and the way she's beginning to express that in her choices what to wear.  'do I look like I rock out mum?' lol

Molly Molly mooooo I love youoooooooo xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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