Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Slowing things down

I sometimes find this merry go round of life can build so much momentum that we miss things in the blur of speed.  This last week or two I've found that my good optimistic mood has been threatened by missing out on the beauty of every day things as they blend together in the mixture of colour light and darkness as a result of that speed.

The solution,, to slow things down.  Take a day or two of just the bare minimum.  Basics, feeding bathing, hoovering, playing, walking, Loving.
Loving a surprise invite out of the blue from old colleagues for some spicy chicken and chat.

Loving Archi-bum un-prompted snuggling Max.

Loving wrapping Max up like like a teddy bear against the cold mornings.

Loving the 99p gloves found in a friends local shop just the right shade of blue to put a smile on Molly's face as wide as the sky.

Loving that I turned thirty last year and was spoiled with the ultimate coat and snuggly Ugg boots keeping me toasty in the recent cold snap.

Heart singing with pride with both babies achieving something new in the same day, Molly swimming her first 10 meters with  a back stoke worthy of a club swimmer (well in my opinion ;-) Max putting a ball in and out of a basket and then showing off to his Physio therapist all the things he can do since they last met.

Loving a spur of the moment decision to book a last minute haircut , amazing how a half hour appointment can lift and lighten a dark mood.

Refuelling with a weekend spent visiting family, celebrating a milestone birthday of a cousin with fancy dress, laughter and dance.   
My favourite part of the weekend the next day, an early start with excited kids having been woken by slobbery licks from the dog, a relaxed breakfast followed by chilling on the sofa and may be 40 winks or two. Max the centre of attention adored by all his cousins.
 Molly idolising her older girl cousin chatting on the trampoline in between stunt like bouncing.

Loving Max getting into the spirit of his Dad's music helping him choose the next track.  

I'll jump back on that merry go round very soon but for now I'm enjoying just sitting back and slowing things downn. xx

Oh and for those having trouble commenting on this blog I have adjusted the settings so hopefully you should find it easier now xxx  Happy Half Term xxx

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