Friday, 15 October 2010

Nothing and Everything

Some days like one recently I feel like a Goddess of all domesticity,  Husband packed off to work in fresh clean (non-damp) clothes with a substantial lunch made having been woken in bed with his breakfast and a cup of tea ready for an early start..

Number one child fed, washed, dressed, hair done even time to write a note to a friend accepting an invitation to tea, painstakingly copied out all ready to be sent of to school in a relaxed mood with a kiss and a smile.

Number two child's snotty nose chiseled clean, bottle and snuggle given, nose wiped, down for a little play, nose wiped breakfast, nose wiped  more play then back into bed to catch up on a broken nights sleep.

Me cup of tea, breakfast, load of washing on, hoovered, mopped, tidied, dog fed, poo collected from the garden and a lovely hot soak while the baby slept, all before 9am!

Then there are the days that I barely manage to get dressed before lunch, where the simplest of tasks seem to be the biggest of challenges and I find myself in the middle of a supermarket trying to think what we want or need but unable to string two thoughts together feeling utterly over whelmed and the urge to burst into tears almost unbearable.

This last week or so since my last post as been a mixture of both these types of days. Nothing major going on but then all the more significant for that.  Enjoying the simple things like having a couple of days at home where Max can just play and be comfortable in our space.

Hearing from Molly's teacher how well she is doing not only in her learning but her sense of self, comfortable, confidant and always surrounded by friends.

The adoration that Max always looks at Molly with.  How much they enjoy a jammied snuggle

Shopping with my Mum and her inability to resist giving Max Iggle Piggle instead of waiting and adding it to the Christmas pile.  Of course Molly then had to be given something too, a hopping eating weeing Rabbit called Bramble should do!   I won't make too many noises though as there was also a rather interesting book purchased to share between me and my mum however you won't need three guesses who got to bring it home.

Snuggles with their dad, both my babies finding their little nook warm and scrubbed after their bath ready for bed, all on the reclining chair.
Meeting with new friends again, this time being welcomed into their home and sanctuary.  What was meant to be morning coffee turning into lunch.  Max and Sarah sizing each other up, comfortable enough in each others company to have a little shout and a poke.  I sense an important friendship building there.  Not just with the babe's but their mum's too, we met because we both have babies with special needs and seeked others to share experience and challenges with, but I feel we connected because we already share many similar outlooks but also differences, we spent a morning discussing our special babies all four of them! Schools, houses, food, biscuits and much more.  We agree that,,
"We are all the same because we are different"
I think my favourite of all the 'nothing but everything' moments this week or so past must be the weekend, the novelty of having weekends has not yet passed and the last one was extra special because of it.  An impromptu decision to eat out, giving friends a last minute phone call "we're going to eat" on the off chance they felt like joining us which of course they did.  Good food followed with a decamp to their beautiful new/old home for an evening of x-factor and good company.  The chuckle muscle got it's usual work out that night.  A new tradition forming perhaps now that bumcow brunches have had to go with Simon's new working hours.  Date made for the next morning and a mooch round the local boot sale including... yep you guessed it more food!
We are all there Max and Archi just hidden next to their Dad's

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