Thursday, 26 August 2010

Holidays and Swelling hearts

first day

It couldn't have started on a better note, an early start, a long drive broken with a glorious cooked breakfast and bright sunshine to welcome us to heaven sorry I mean Devon.

Nothing beats the feeling of sand between your toes and sun on your back. I could feel my skin soaking up the vitamin D and my shoulders loosening from tension I was barely aware of until it started to ease. The littlest baby dozing in the shade of his pram while his sister sank and swam and rode waves on her pride and joy a Tom & Jerry inflatable given to her on arrival by a great uncle and Aunt. Her confidence in the water astounding me , a mouthful of salty water doing no more then cause her to stick her tongue out 'blergh' shake her head and dive straight back in.

The perfect first day ending with laying cosy in bed with a mixture of the sound of the sea and the gentle deep breathing of my worn out babies lulling me to sleep with a background of serenading crickets.

It took a week to get used to no time frames, not having to be somewhere at a certain time and not getting stressed at the million and one things that always need doing before the thing you actually want to do. But I got there, I don't think I realised how relaxed I actually was until we got home and back on that roundabout of life that always moves at a hundred miles an hour.


The thing that warmed my heart more then the sun this holiday was Molly and Max so completely at ease with extended family they've hardly seen, seeming to know instinctively they're loved. Being showered with affection and unconditional love and support. I can think of a dozen examples but will share my favourite few. Molly watching a show in the entertainment cosies up on her cousins lap. Loving the way 14 year old boys didn't flinch at holding their little 6 year old girl cousins hand and kissed snotty dribbly baby boy's chattering love and nonsense to him "You're my sexy little cousin ain't ya" . One of the evenings spent in the site club Molly grabbing her big cousins to dance with Sid & Lizzie the girls putting on a show of not wanting to but both in turn getting up with her and dancing sillyly... sitting down for a bit but this is where I witnessed 1st hand the protectiveness of cousins I have heard and read (on various networking sites) about amongst the older bunch. They immediately stepped in when they felt Molly was being left out and pushed away from the site troopers by another strong willed possessive little girls " We're gonna grab her and dance with her properly" Marching back over to the dance floor together and swing her round to make all that saw jealous :-))

I spent two weeks watching the way teenagers wind up their Mum's and Dad's and looking forward to my own babies teenage years with a mixture of dread...and excitement to know what characters my two will have and above all hope that as cheeky and irritating they might be that their hearts will be as obviously good as their big cousins xxxx

Surfer chick

Wow I'm a surf chick and I never knew it, well boogie boarding, body surfing, body boarding I don't know the official term but I do know I L.O.V.E it. Bobbing over the waves waiting on the board I felt so relaxed, at peace. Then the rush when I caught a wave and had to at the same time lean left or right to avoid other swimmers and stay on the board. Molly loved it too, Max just liked to dress the part. Simon on the other hand doesn't like the wet, being cold, the sand or tight things so we were a bit daft to ever think he might enjoy it ha ha I give him his due though he gave it a go.

One rainy afternoon I made my escape, left the three of them napping and ran bare foot down to the beach to battle with mother nature, fighting my way out to find the right wave riding it in only to turn around and do battle again. When my tired body convinced me it'd had enough I could feel the pull on my legs of the tide going out or mother nature calling me back? It's a good job the pull of my Love and my babies is stronger otherwise I think I could become a beach bum, waiting tables to make ends meet waiting for the conditions to be just right for the ultimate ride.

Walking back up the beach in the rain, battered by the sea the heel of my footprint disappearing almost before my toe leaves the sand.

Other Favourite bits

Max 's expressions and his new response to a firm NO

A day at the dinosaur and Wildlife park, meeting monkeys and Lemar's up close and the odd prehistoric friend.

Molly dancing on the middle of the dance floor in her own unique way. Wearing a bright yellow puff top which flashed me back 25 yearsish to another holiday disco and another little girl cutting some moves this time in bright yellow jump suite....

A day at a castle, disappointment at it not being a real castle just a Victorian version soon disappearing with Molly's enthusiasm and Max's excitement at riding on my back, a Little giggle escaping as soon as he realises he's going in the carrier.

Beach Days the four of us xxxxxxxxxxx

The Sid and Lizzie show and the wonder both the littles had at the sight of the furry characters, we had to get some to bring home as reminders.

Those moments when worn out the littles slept and their Daddy and I could enjoy a social moment together.

Even packing up early and relief that we had already decided to replace our tent. RIP Normandy 5.

My most absolute favourite thing of all. Coming home xx Home is most definitely where the heart is even if a little bit of soul is left with the sea xxx

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